Our misison is to create a world that doesn’t rely on “drugs” by providing people a healthier alternative; a brain-enhancing supplement that increases energy as well as productivity while remaining focused.


BrainKrave is designed with YOUR BRAIN in mind.

Have you ever wondered if there are special nutrients that can FEED your BRAIN and give it precisely what it needs for optimum mental performance. Fortunately, there are such nutrients that are now available together for the first time in a powerful health supplement known as“BrainKrave”… BrainKrave combines all the special ingredients that are known to the medical and scientific community to boost your brain power AND help you deal with all the stress in your life that can “tax” your brain beyond the norm.

With BrainKrave, you get an all-natural, non-pharmaceutical solution to the timeless quest for a “brain pill” that makes you smarter, more alert, more alive, and more focused – when everyone around you is trying to stay alive on coffee! Caffeine alone doesn’t cut it. It backfires. So do all the other so-called “brain boosters” you see sold at convenience store check-out counters. They’re junk! Only BrainKrave was scientifically created to take advantage of all the nutritional science breakthroughs that have occurred in just the last several years.

We now know more about the brain – how it functions, and what it needs for optimal performance – than ever before, and all that scientific knowledge was poured into the BrainKrave formula – with astonishing results.

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People who use BrainKrave tells us that it far exceeded their expectations. They felt so incredibly “alive” – like never before – that it was hard to describe. It’s not like a caffeine “buzz” that makes you insufferable. It’s more like a “download of extra IQ”… like you’re upgrading the RAM on your computer. Or getting a solid state hard drive installed. BrainKrave makes a world of difference! And yet, it doesn’t have the “come-down” side-effects like the pharmaceuticals or convenience-store medicine chest will inevitably cause, because BrainKrave uses only all-natural “nutra-ceuticals” (“pharmaceutical”-quality nutritional supplements), you get a beneficial boost, not a temporary artificial boost. As a result, BrainKrave is a safer, healthier (and cheaper) alternative to “drugs”—because it naturally increases focus, motivation, memory, and energy without the crashes and negative side effects of the artificial products and drugs.

In fact, BrainKrave has been shown to be effective in helping to “wean” youngsters off of the brain-addling drugs they take for “ADD” or “ADHD” and other “Diagnostic Disorders that Don’t Deserve Drugs.” The drugs in questions (can’t mention their names or we get sued) are shown to have horrible long-term side-effects – now showing up after society has drugged a generation or two with the wrong prescription meds. Fortunately there’s still time to fix and undo the damage.

An extremely important cause to us is our Awareness Anti Drug campaign. We’re proud to partner with Jasen Hakim of the Sterling Heights, Michigan police department where together we hope to raise awareness to the dangers and legal ramifications of illicit drugs use, especially with regards to pharmaceutical drugs such as Adderall. Our Mission is to raise awareness of these dangers to schools and colleges through active campaigns both online and in person.

It’s no secret that children and adolescents in this generation have a need for something natural and effective that will lead them into a better direction in life while dealing with the constant demands of the world. We are proud to present BrainKrave® a healthy alternative brain-enhancing supplement that will help them with their health and cognitive abilities without the risk associated with harmful ingredients in products on the market out there. We believe it is up to us to help our next generation.